Sunday, April 13, 2008

Family days are the BEST!

I was sitting on my bed this evening looking at Picky Palettes blog, at all the yummy stuff I would love to make and next to me was my 21/2 yr old Haven. First she saw the pasta dish, she says "I don't like that", then the soup, "I don't like that! Then the PINK cookie with the frosting and sprinkles, "I LIKE that!!" It takes these moments for me to get on here and write! I don't want to forget them!
Its been a good Sunday! Any day is good when Todd's home all day with us. Family time is the most important to me. Ill trade any day for a family day! We live a little was out of town (Gold Canyon) and so during the week "T" goes to work and can't just pop in every once in a while like he used to. So we usually go 10 hrs sometimes 12 each day!! Gladly soon this will change. I will have to start packing up boxes soon. (YUK!) And on to the next adventure for us. This is going to be a hard one to leave, this chapter in our lives. What the future brings, we don't know. But, just breath and SMILE. RIGHT?
Just some Pics of my Easter sweethearts. Better late than never!!
Easter 2008!

It was a little windy that morning and either one of them wanted to face the sun. This is the best they would give me!

I have not figured out how to turn my pictures yet I know I'm a blogger loser!
We decided that we would die eggs after church that day and I'm glad we did it turned out good and the girls loved it! Dad took over and I loved it too!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Catching UP!

So I am going to do a catch up post for this last week. It has been fun, crazy and busy!! Can all three things happen at once? SURE why not?

Wed. 3/19 Spring Training

I had been bugging my husband that it was spring break the girls did not have preschool and that we needed to do something because I was going to be bored. So he bought spring training tickets for all of us for Wed game!! What a good husband. I do the commanding and he does the doing?! RIGHT! That's what I think. Anyways it was fun, a perfect day if only we would have had loan seats. I think Todd got up 3 times in 1 hour just to give the girls a break! HA

One of the three breaks!

Friday 3/21 COOKIES FOR SALE!!

At least that's what you would of thought!! My sister came over on Friday and we decided to make sugar cookies. We knew we wanted to split the batch so we doubled it and this was the outcome!

But, the girls had so much fun, frosting eating the frosting and just being together! There is never a dull unfun (that's not a word, but I don't care)moment when we are together!
Needless to say the cookies were a HIT!

HaHa Watch out Picky Palette!! I love that blog!

Sat. 3/22 Ranger Ride

Easter Weekend was quite fun!! We left about 2pm on Sat. and took the Ranger out on a ride. Todd's parents came along and rode the quad. Todd's mom broke her foot about 2 1/2 months ago so she was a little hesitant!! But, we assured her that it would be easy and smooth!! HA! We went to Oak flats somewhere we had never rode before and it was a huge mountain made of ROCKS!(real smooth) Well the ride took about 3 hrs and then back to the trucks where we grilled steaks and hate yummy food. It was a beautiful night and the girls loved it. There is nothing like being out in the wilderness to appreciate the world we are blessed with.

We spend so much time criticizing the world not to appreciate the good that the lord has blessed us with!!

Pics will come later they are on my husbands camera!

To be continued...
This part as taken me 1 1/2hrs. So I am still figuring out this whole "Happy Blogging" thing!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Special Little Blessings

I have this amazing 4 year old and after last night I decided how can I not do this blog thing. I am not good at keeping a journel so this is the best way to start. Something I can look back and remember.(because my memory is already the worst!)

So it was around 6 o'clock and I had just done the dishes and was finishing up on making dinner. I had set the table and had called everyone in, Tessa sat 1st and was just watching me with a very inquizet look on her face she said, "don't you get tired of doing this?" I said, "what?"

T, "this cleaning the kitchen and making food all the time?" I said, "YES!" T said, "does dad ever do it?" I said, "sometimes" she said, "if we didnt have you
who would make us good food to eat?" This is why I do it!! This makes it all worth it! I have
to write this so I remember this when I DON'T want to do it! I love these sweet spirits that the lord has blessed me with and I pray every night that I can teach them and they can teach me to stay this way!